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Sphere About us

Sphere is a company specialized in doing global business. We represent you in international lands, in order to identify the best strategies and opportunities, bringing the best products in the world to you, optimizing your business and connecting your production with markets around the planet.

World Wide Business

Our expertise in bringing people together is what drives us to travel the world and bring your company's name to the best opportunities.

Through consolidated and reliable partnerships, our team is ready to meet your needs quickly and effectively, establishing long-term relationships with the foreign market.

Our purpose


Contribute to the success of our customers and exceed expectations, developing innovative and personalized solutions for the internationalization of its products, strengthening trade and import and export services, and the insertion of companies in the international market.


To be a reference as a commercial exporter, becoming admired and recognized for the specialized service and the quality of products and services.


• Ethics and transparency
in business
• Responsibility
• Suitability
• Commitment
• Continuous improvement

Our solutions

We are a company with vast experience in the export of food products, such as poultry, pork and beef, as well as beverages, kitchen products and cutlery, in addition to the import of grains.

Analysis of projects and product development

We provide the consultancy you need to manage your projects and put them into practice, developing the strategy according to each market niche.

International customer location

We find the ideal partner for you in the most diverse countries, identifying the importer's needs and connecting them to your products, providing the necessary structure for export and import.

Team specialized in international business

We are 100% present in the execution of your project, facilitating its operation and ensuring that the delivery is carried out successfully, within the legislation provided for each country.

Logistics, warehousing and distribution

We solve each step for you: contracting the complete mode of transport, picking up the container, loading it at the industry/warehouse, preparing the necessary documents and delivering it to the destination.

Count on us

To identify opportunities in the foreign market and formulate the best strategy for your business, finding the solution that guarantees the ideal cost-effectiveness for your project, in a fully planned way, with all the quality.

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